Performance Evaluations

among the most valuable and important tools available

The McGrath Human Resources Group creates performance management systems. We can customize and administer a performance management system to help you avoid the high cost of turnover and costly employment-related litigation.

Performance appraisals are among the most valuable and important tools available to management. McGrath can help you define a system for evaluating performance that communicates clear expectations to employees. Performance evaluations have multiple purposes:

  • hold employees accountable for performing the responsibilities of the position
  • formally communicate with employees
  • recognize employees for successfully performing their functions
  • provide ways in which the employee can improve
  • assist in employee development: define ways to take on more responsibilities, learn new things, and benefit from further continuing education
  • increase employee productivity and professionalism
  • can tie compensation to performance (although difficult in unionized departments), thus demonstrating a link between performance and pay

What makes McGrath's services unique?
We believe employee performance should link to the organization's strategic direction. Thus, McGrath designs a program that fits the needs and direction of your organization.

Through meetings with employees or employee/management committees, McGrath spends the time to diagnose and understand your organization's culture. We design a program that links organizational goals to department goals, and department goals to employee goals. We train the individuals who will support the program, and if desired, can train managers and employees on the basics of your performance management program. Finally, if desired, we can tie compensation into the attainment of goals.

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